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Just Bull Terriers is Changing!
Onyx - english bull terrier looking handsome
Onyx - english bull terrier playing
First english bull terrier litter from storm



This site is dedicated to English Bull Terriers as we strongly believe that these dogs are unique, part of the family, light up your lives on a daily basis, no English bull terrier is the same and no day is the same with an English Bull Terrier around. They are one in a million

We pride ourselves on the fact that all our dogs/bitches are an integral part of our daily family life and routine with good temperament.

Also all of our puppies have the best start in life being raised in a household environment with cats and children around them . Also they will have been given the best start in life from health checks , worming and vaccinations.

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About Bull Terriers

The Bull terrier is a strong, athletic and energetic dog that is capable of doing a multitude of tasks including watch dogging and protecting as well as agility and obedience events. They are also ideal family dogs with clownish personalities and a loving temperament when properly trained and socialized.

The Bull terrier has a very distinctive head and is rarely mistaken for any other breed by those that are familiar with their characteristics. The head is almost totally oval in profile from the skull through to the tip of the nose. The shape of the face should be full without any hollow areas or concavity to the profile.

The eyes are very small and almond shaped, centred towards the middle of the head for a distinct appearance.

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Pups for Sale

“Currently we have no puppies available”

Please have a look at our Puppy Love section to see how our previous litters are getting along with their new owners.

Puppy Love

A special section on this website for owners of a Justbullterriers puppy.

Each puppy has a unique page where owners can post images, stories, notices + more of their adorable new English Bull Terrier.

The link to their profile can be shared with friends/family and other fond owners of this adorable breed.

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Microchipping Available NOW! Pleased to announce that we now offer a mobile ultrasound scanning service


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